Portable Appliance Testing Reports and Certification in SimplyPats V7

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PAT Testing Reports - SimplyPats

Whether you are using the V7 SimplyPats Downloading Edition, Manual Edition or Manual Plus Edition, all Versions ship with the same options with regards to the selection of PAT Testing Reports and Certification available.

If you are carrying out PAT Testing In House or as a Contractor, the option of being able to produce professional Reports and Certification is generally the final process after carrying out testing followed by validating and checking the data in SimplyPats and saving out the data file.

If you are PAT Testing as a Contractor, you will most likely be producing a number of different Reports for every customer on completion of the job.

If you are PAT Testing in house, you may only want to produce Reports on occasion, print out Reports for selected Appliances (such as PAT Testing in the Hire Industry), or produce Reports on Request.

Print or PDF?

Presenting your customer with a nicely bound folder containing their Portable Appliance Testing Records can be a nice touch, especially when its in colour, however sending the Reports in an electronic format such as PDF via email is generally accepted to be the norm and can help the environment.

The Print Sequence feature lets you select multiple PAT Reports that can be printed out and/or exported as PDF at the click of a button.  Whats more, each individual PAT Report within your chosen sequence can be merged into one single PDF.

This saves time when you want to print out multiple Reports such as a Folder Cover, Appliance Register, Pass and Fail Report and PAT Certificate for example.   

Make your PAT Testing Reports Stand out using SimplyPats

Portable Appliance Testing Reports are not exactly the most visually exciting document to look at, but that doesn't mean they need to be flat and grey, unless of course you are printing hard copies using a monotone printer.

The V2 Reports in SimplyPats give you the option of adding a Company Logo and Signature.  In addition, you can apply a predefined colour scheme or better still match one or more of the colours in your logo to certain sections of the Reports.

Take a little bit of time setting this up and your Reports will not only look great, but also stand out from your competitors, just like our examples below.

The V2 Reports also have the option to include what we refer to as Accreditation Logos to show that you are a member of an organisation such as PATTA, NICEIC, Safe Contractor etc, if you have permission to use them.

If you want to include your Company Logo, we would recommend that you try to follow the guidelines below.

  • JPEG or BITMAP format (around 150 to 300dpi)
  • RGB Colour Depth
  • Cropped and to a Maximum Height of 40mm

If you are unsure or require help, just drop us an email with your Logo Attached.

In the examples below we have used the PAT Test Kit logo and set the Report Banner Colour to the exact colour of the logo.  This can be done under the Print Settings in SimplyPats from the Colours and Margin Tab by entering the RGB (Red, Green and Blue) Value of the colour you want to use.

Most Graphics programs will allow you to load up an image and use a colour picker tool to select a colour, you can then look up the RGB Value of the colour selected and enter that into SimplyPats.

Commonly used PAT Testing Reports

SimplyPats includes a large number of Report options including plain text versions for those that do not want the slightly more artistic layout of the V2 Reports.

Below we have included some examples of commonly used PAT Testing Reports and Certification available from within the SimplyPats PAT Testing Software as standard, in all version.

The PAT Report Appliance Register includes an overview of the Appliances Tested in that it only includes the Appliance id, Description, Site/Location, Test Date, Retest Date and Overall Test Status (PASS or FAIL)


Portable Appliance Testing (PAT Testing) Appliance Register from SimplyPats

The PAT Report Passes and Fails is the standard "go to" PAT Report if you want to include information about each PAT Test Performed.  This Report will show the Result and Status of each Test carried out as well an the overall Status.

This PAT Report Passes and Fails also groups Appliances according to Site and Location which you can see from the header at the bottom of the page.

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT Testing) Pass and Fail Report from SimplyPats

The PAT Report Certificate is a one page report which would generally be used to display on your premises to show customers, employees or visitors that you have had PAT Testing carried out.

The PAT Testing Certificate can include the "Valid Until" Date or "Tested On" Date which can be changed under Print Settings.

There is also an area in the middle of the Certificate where you can add your own text, which can also be added under Print Settings.  An example would be:

The Electrical Appliances on these premises (as per the current Appliance Register) have been inspected & tested for Electrical Safety to the requirements of the Electricity at Work Regulations. 

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT Testing) Certificate from SimplyPats

The PAT Report Current Appliance or One Appliance Per Page is a popular choice for those PAT Testing in the Hire Industry.

Stage Lighting or Tool Hire companies will often use this type of Report to include with any equipment hired out.

This Report includes a lot of detail relating to the Appliance and can be easily stored along with the Appliance when the item(s) get returned, retested and put back on the shelf. 

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT Testing) Report - Current Appliance from SimplyPats

Selective Printing

While this is be no means a full list of the available Reports or Certificates , the information and examples in this blog should give you a good idea of the types of PAT Reports that are available in SimplyPats and how they will look. 

And while this is not intended to be a technical overview, I thought that mentioning some of the other print options may help answer some common questions we receive with regards to Reporting, so i have included a bullet pointed list of some features below:

  • Failed Appliances can be printed in Red.
  • Select Appliances from a certain Site or Location.
  • Select Appliances from a given Test Date range.
  • Select Appliances that fall within a certain Retest Date range.
  • Print just those Appliances that are selected from the Main Grid.
  • Include information about the PAT Test Meter used (Make, Model, Serial Number and Calibration Date).

Custom PAT Reports and Certificates

While SimplyPats does not include a built in User Report Generator, we can provide variations of the existing PAT Reports of Certificates as Custom Reports, which can then be installed for you to use.

Simple amendments such as adding or removing certain information from the main data section, removing the Load or Leakage information from the Passes and Fails PAT Report for example are pretty straight forward and have possibly already been done for another customer.  Either way, we do make a charge for any changes which is reflected in the complexity and time taken to perform the changes requested if they are possible.

We may look at adding some of the existing Custom Reports to the PAT Test Kit online shop for purchase in the future.

Some other examples of Portable Appliance Testing Reports included with SimplyPats V7

  • PAT Testing Report including only Appliances which have only had a a Visual Test carried out.
  • PAT Testing Report Detailed Pass and Fail.
  • PAT Testing Report Multi Site Report (an option if PAT Testing Rented Accommodation and you need multiple Addresses such as the Letting Agent and Property Address on the same PAT Report). 
  • PAT Testing Report COP V1 Report.
  • PAT Testing Report Folder Cover (ideal introductory page to include with all of your other Portable Appliance Testing Reports).

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT Testing) Reports from SimplyPats

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT Testing) Reports from SimplyPats

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT Testing) Reports from SimplyPats

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT Testing) Reports from SimplyPats

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT Testing) Reports from SimplyPats

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