SimplyPats Learning Channel - Part 1 – Importing Data From KEWPAT

Overview of the video below.

Expanding on a previous Blog Post where we explained how to import PAT Testing Data from KEWPAT into SimplyPats, we thought we would give you a more in depth and hands on tutorial, with the first in a series of videos focusing on SimplyPats.

If you are using the KEWPAT App on iOS or Android, it offers a great solution for recording Portable Appliance Testing Data while using a Manual PAT Tester such as the Kewtech EZYPAT or EZYPAT Plus, or additional functionality for Kewtech SMARTPAT users.

Think of KEWPAT as adding Memory to your Manual PAT Tester, along with a Keyboard, Camera and Barcode Scanner (if you have a reasonable Rear Facing Camera on your Device), which are similar features found on some Downloading PAT Testers.

To get the most out of KEWPAT we recommend that you look at purchasing SimplyPats V7 Manual Plus Edition or the SimplyPats Downloading Edition

Both versions natively support the Import of data and photos from KEWPAT.  In addition, you also gain more advanced Data Management and Editing tools, along with full portable Appliance Testing Reporting and Certification options, as well as Invoicing if needed.

More importantly however, KEWPAT includes the option to import native SimplyPats V7 Data Files back into the App.  In the long term this feature should not be overlooked as it offers an easy way of re-populating the KEWPAT database with existing data.  There are a couple of reasons why this feature may be important:

SimplyPats Data Files can be used to populate a new iOS or Android Device with your existing Portable Appliance Testing Data.  Ideal if you are purchasing a new device, or have an alternative device that you want to use after re-installing the KEWPAT App from the App Store.

Contractors, or larger companies with multiple technicians who carry out PAT Testing on a daily or weekly basis may also find the ability to import SimplyPats Data Files of interest to them, as it will allow them to send specific jobs (Customers) to each technician if retesting an existing customer is needed and the data is not already on the device.

SimplyPats V7 Downloading Edition and SimplyPats V7 Manual Plus Edition both have a dedicated screen to deal with the import of PAT Test Data from KEWPAT, however the data must first be exported from KEWPAT using the Settings > Memory Options > Backup Database option.  This creates a ZIP File containing “all” of the data stored within the KEWPAT Database along with any images taken using the App.

We then need to send the ZIP file to our PC, or a location where SimplyPats can access it to read in the data.  There are various options to do this depending on your device or the services available to you.

Use Cloud, Email, Cable or WiFi Data Transfer options (Depending on Device).

In the Video we have chosen to send our PAT Testing Data to the Cloud using our iCloud drive.  This method of sending data demonstrates a certain amount of versatility when compared to dealing with data from most Downloading PAT Testers, as the data can be backed up and transferred off the device very easily and very quickly.  Ideal if you need to send the data back to head office for example at the end of each job, or at the end of the day.

You can of course Email your PAT Testing Data, which will be the default option and absolutely fine for most people.  Just be aware that most Email Clients have a maximum file size limit with regards to attachments.  If you are using KEWPAT to take photos, you may quickly go over the allowed file size limit even with the Photo Settings set to low.

In the Video we are using the iOS version of the KEWPAT PAT Testing App, however both of the above options are also available to Android users.  Also, if you want to use OneDrive or any other Cloud service supported by your device, you can.

Android KEWPAT users do have a couple of other options for transferring their PAT Testing Data to SimplyPats.  If your device supports a Cable Connection to your PC, then you can drag the data directly from the device onto your computer, or use the built in WiFi Data Transfer Utility.

Once SimplyPats has access to the exported KEWPAT ZIP file, simply choose the File > Download PAT option to start the import process.  If you are using the SimplyPats V7 Downloading Edition, make sure you have the correct PAT Tester Settings screen selected.  If you are using the SimplyPats V7 Manual Plus Edition, you will by default be on the correct screen.

From here you will select the file you exported from KEWPAT and then choose which Customers PAT Testing Data you want to import, click convert to import the data.

If you have entered the Customers Name and Contact Details into KEWPAT, this information will also be automatically imported into SimplyPats.

All you need to do now, is save the data as a SimplyPats .PAT Data File by selecting Save As from the File Menu.

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