SimplyPats Licencing Explained (Version 7)

All Version of SimplyPats are officially provided as a Perpetual Single User License for installation on a Single Physical Windows 10 or 11 PC for use by a single user.

We do expect additional Licences (again Perpetual) to be purchased if the software is required on additional devices in addition to any existing installs that are in use using the existing Serial Number.  See below for purchase link.

Historically and specifically with regards to SimplyPats Version 7 Downloading Edition, we unoficially allowed certain users to use the first Serial Number of any SimplyPats they purchased, to request a key for a Second Licence.  This is based on the understanding that the software would be installed and used within the same User/Company and the same Geographic Location for that company (i.e. not in different Depots or towns or other address etc).

This was originally aimed at those users who were self-employed and wanted the use of SimplyPats out in the field to get the data off the tester, but also on another PC in thier home or small office to produce Reports.  This was never intended as a “Perk” for companies of any size who have multiple engineers to use one Serial Number to gain the use of multiple licences.

This is something that we are now tightening up on and changing since the start of 2023 and will apply to both existing and new users going forward.

Our purchase page on SimplyPats for New Users — PAT Test Kit clearly states that Simplypats is provided as a Single User Licence regardless of any other information available elsewhere.

If customers feel that they need or want to purchase additional licences, they can do that using the link below:

Additional Single User Licence - SimplyPats Full Downloading Edition — PAT Test Kit

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