Selling or Purchasing SimplyPats Second Hand

When you Register your SimplyPats Serial Number with us, we are granting you a Licence to use the software.  Licences from that point on are only transferrable in certain circumstances and in that instance, we would generally charge a Licence Transfer Fee (See below)

Purchasing SimplyPats Second Hand

Information and prices apply to ALL Versions of SimplyPats and DO NOT include Upgrade fees.  If you are purchasing an older non-supported version of SimplyPats then please take into account any upgrade fees in addition to the Transfer fee.

This does NOT apply to Serial Numbers that have not been registered.

The fee includes the cost involved in making the transfer and ongoing support for the product for the new owner, however we do reserve the right to refuse the transfer of licence without reason.

All prices are correct at time of writing and are subject to change without notice, please contact support for confirmation of latest pricing.

Given the number of years that SimplyPats has been around (Over 20 years), it is inevitable that Licences for the software will be sold on or acquired by someone else other than the original Licence holder.

Please read the following information if you are selling or buying a second hand licence for SimplyPats.

Selling or giving the SimplyPats Licence to another person or company

Transfer of Licence Fee (if we have agreed to the transfer)

If we have granted you the right to transfer your SimplyPats Licence and you are selling or giving your SimplyPats licence to another person or company, then please be aware that we will charge a Transfer of Licence fee to the new Licence owner.

You can opt to pay this fee prior to selling the software if you want to and if this is the case we will release the Serial Number and Licence right away.

The Transfer Fee can be anything up to £300.00 ex VAT

Transfer of Licence Form (notifying us that you are surrendering the Licence)

You will also be required to complete a Transfer of Licence form (please contact us) before making payment and before we consider releasing the Serial Number and Licence.

Purchasing a Second Hand copy of SimplyPats that has already been Licenced by a person or company.

Transfer of Licence Form (notifying us that the original Licence holder has surrendered the Licence)

Before we can even consider transferring the Licence to you, we will first need to be in possession of a completed Transfer of Licence form.  This form needs to be completed by the original Licence owner and returned to us.

If you have already purchased the software second hand and do not know if this form has been completed, contact support.  If we have not had prior notification from the original owner, we will try to contact them on your behalf and ask that they complete the form and return it to us.

Once we have a completed Transfer of Licence form, we can then start the process of transferring the Licence over to you.

A Transfer Fee will be charged if the original owner has not opted to pay on your behalf.  This will need to be paid before we finalise the transfer of the Licence over to you.

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