SimplyPats V7 Manual Plus Edition


SimplyPats Version 7 Manual Plus Edition supports the import of data from the FREE KEWPAT App on the Android and iOS platforms, as well as the Manual Entry of test data.

Data can also be uploaded back to the KEWPAT App from this Version.

Only available as a Digital Download.

Single User Licence for Microsoft Windows PC only.

This version does not have the ability to download or import data directly from your PAT Tester. (please see SimplyPats V7 if you require support for any of the 50+ PAT Testers currently supported). Other features or Import/Export options may also not be available or restricted in this version.

Offers a solution for those recording thier data via the KEWPAT App without having to invest in the more expensive SimplyPats V7 Downloading Edition software.

Extensive Reporting functionality, PAT Data Management and Invoicing.

  • SimplyPats is only compatible with devices running Microsoft Windows.
    (Microsoft Windows 11 or 10 recommended - older versions may be compatible, but may not be supported by us)

Important information relating to orders.

Please note that all orders are processed manually, if you are placing your order out of office hours there will be a delay in receiving your Digital Download link.

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