SimplyPats Data Management, Reporting and Certification Software for PAT Testing

Which Version of SimplyPats is right for you?

We currently offer three versions of SimplyPats with differences mainly relating to the Import or Export of Data, support for Downloading PAT Testers and  Import or Export of data from supported Apps developed by SimplyPats, such as KEWPAT which is Free on iOS and Android.

All versions are currently provided as a perpetual licence, this means that there are no ongoing subscription fees to use or licence the software.

All versions are officially provided as a Single User Licence for installation on one PC or Device at any given time, and for use under one User Account.  The SimplyPats Full Downloading Edition is provided with an additional free licence, which will allow you to install on up to two PC's or Devices at any given time, however we reserve the right to change this without notice at any time.

Which version is best for you will ultimately depend on your needs and the PAT Tester you are using, and possibly your budget.

There are certain core features that all Versions share, which are outlined below.

Generate Professional PAT Reports, Certification and Invoices

All Versions of SimplyPats come with a large selection of PAT Reports which can be Printed out or saved in popular formats such as PDF.  Selected Multiple Reports can be Printed or Exported as PDF at the click of a button.

There are also a number of Certificates included.

You can also personalise your PAT Reports by including your Logo and Signature, or even change the colour to match your Company Identity.

Intuitive Interface with advanced Group and Sort Options

Get Detailed Information relating to any Appliance simply by selecting it from the Main Grid, Test Results and extended information such as Serial Number or the Name of the Person who carried out the Testing are only ever one click away.

The Main Grid has built in Group and Sort options which allow you to display data based on a number of filters.  

Easily Edit a single Appliance, or any number of Appliances using Bulk Replace

Everything apart from the Test Results can be edited directly from the Main Screen, however Bulk Replace, and Bulk Replace Selected features are at hand should you need to change information relating to multiple Appliances throughout the current Data File.

Multiple Data Management options

The way you manage your PAT Data may be different depending on whether you are a Contractor or Testing In-House.  SimplyPats gives you various options from creating a Data File for each Customer, or running with one Master File.

Use the Retest Calendar, Review Customers or Overdue Appliances to see what needs Retesting

Contractors will find the Retest Calendar or Review Customers screens of interest, as they give a good overview to which Customers need Retesting and when.  In-House Testers meanwhile may want to use the Overdue Feature which provides an up-to-date list of Overdue Appliances, or Appliance due for testing in “x” Number of Days.

Features Specific to each Version, starting with the SimplyPats (Full Downloading Edition)

The Full Downloading Edition of SimplyPats supports the Download or Import of Data from over 50 PAT Testers.  In addition it has the ability to import and export data from compatible Android and iOS Apps developed by SimplyPats, such as KEWPAT (inc Data recorded when using the Kewtech SMARTPAT in Remote Mode).

This version is the only one that also supports the import and export of data in various formats such as CSV.

SimplyPats Manual+ (Manual Plus Edition)

The Manual Plus Edition has the ability to import and export data from compatible Android and iOS Apps developed by SimplyPats, such as KEWPAT (inc Data recorded when using the Kewtech SMARTPAT in Remote Mode), and the Manual Entry of PAT Test Data.

SimplyPats Manual Edition

The SimplyPats Manual Edition is the cheapest version, and only supports the Manual Entry of data via keyboard and mouse.