Kewtech SMARTPAT Portable Appliance Tester

Advanced PAT Testing Functionality with the ability to store Appliance Information and Test Results when used in Remote Mode with the Free KEWPAT App for iOS and Android.

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See it in action here - SMARTPAT controlled via KEWPAT Video
  • Battery powered PAT with option of Mains Power for Load and Run Test at 230V and 110V (110V Transformer Required).
  • Support for PRCD Testing.
  • Test Results are displayed on-screen in Manual and Remote Mode.
  • IT Safe with 200mA Earth Test 250V Insulation option.
  • Fully User Configurable Test Sequences for CLASS I, CLASS 2, IEC and PRCD using KEWPAT App.
  • 5 Second Continuity option.
  • Quick Check Continuity.
  • Substitute Leakage Test.
  • Test Lead Nulling support.
  • Large easy to read display with Back Light option.
  • Use with the FREE KEWPAT App for iOS and Android - Control your SMARTPAT remotely via WiFi to carry out any number of PAT Test Sequences (Default or User Programmed). The App is used to enter Customer details and Appliance information, with the PAT Test Results being displayed and recorded automatically in real time by the App.


Out of the box, the Kewtech SMARTPAT is basically a Manual PAT Tester similar to the Kewtech EZYPAT and EZYPAT Plus, however switching it over to REMOTE Mode and connecting it via WiFi to your iOS or Android Device running the Free KEWPAT App, turns it into a fully featured downloading PAT Tester.

Using the KEWPAT App you will have access to a number of default Test Sequences which have already been programmed to cover most common test types including those safe to run on IT Equipment. On from that, you have the ability to fully make up and manage your own Test Sequences via the App.

In Remote Mode, you wont be pressing many buttons on the front panel of your SMARTPAT as you will be controlling the tester from the KEWPAT App, however those that are there are easy to understand if you want to perform a quick Manual PAT Test or turn on the display back light. The SMARTPAT also comes with the ability to NULL your Test Leads which is available from a simple button press also on the front panel.

The Kewtech SMARTPAT is battery operated for convenience but also has the option to run off Mains Power should you need to carry out a Run / Leakage Test on an Appliance at 230V or 110V (A 110V supply is needed for 110V Test).

With regards to batteries, the SMARTPAT uses 6 x AA cells which can easily be swapped out via the quick release compartment on the rear of the unit. The Tester does not have a built in charger which gives you the option of using both Rechargeable and Non-Rechargeable Batteries.

In summary, the Kewtech SMARTPAT offers a great option for those looking for a Fully Featured Downloading PAT Tester and need the ability to configure their own Test Sequences, and require all Appliance Information and Test Results are stored and can be downloaded to their PC for processing.

As mentioned, to get the most out of your SMARTPAT you will need to connect it via WiFI to a device running iOS or Android (generally a Mobile Phone or Tablet), your Mobile Device or Tablet essentially becomes an extension of the SMARTPAT acting as a keyboard and screen, plus if you have a good quality camera on your device you also have a built in Barcode Scanner.

Once paired, you then gain the ability to:
  • Tell the SMARTPAT to run Default and User Defined Test Sequences using the App.
  • Enter and Store Customers Details and Appliance Information such as Site, Location, Appliance Description, Appliance id, Make, Model, Serial Number and much more.
  • View and Store Test Results in Real Time.
  • Scan Barcodes and take Pictures.
  • Scan QR Codes and NFC Tags (if supported by your device) if they were originally generated by the App.
  • Enter data and text very quickly using Predictive Text or the built in Hold for List options.
  • Import and export data to SimplyPats V7 Manual Plus Edition or SimplyPats V7 Full Downloading Edition using various methods such as WiFi Transfer, Email, Cable or Cloud, depending on the device and the services you have setup.
  • View a List of Appliances as well as Detailed Appliance Information and Test Results for any Appliances already stored in the Database. Details can be Modified or Retest carried out.
If you also require SimplyPats Version 7 Manual Plus Edition Desktop Software for Windows PC which is capable of importing and exporting data to and from KEWPAT, which in turn will give you a complete solution to managing your PAT Test Data, Invoicing and producing professional PAT Test Reports and Certification, then the Kewtech SMARTPAT SimplyPats Version 7 Manual Plus Edition Bundle may be of interest.

The basic Package includes the following:

  • Kewtech SMARTPAT PAT Tester.
  • Mains Lead.
  • Earth Lead with Probe and Croc Clip.
  • Extension Lead Adaptor.
  • Carry Bag with Strap.
  • Quick Start Manual.
  • End of Line Calibration Certificate.
  • 6 x AA Batteries

View and Purchase Kewtech SMARTPAT PAT Test Kits