Kewtech EZYPAT PLUS Portable Appliance Tester

Mid Range Battery and Mains Powered Manual PAT Tester capable of  performing 230v and 110v Powered Run Tests.

The Kewtech EZYPAT PLUS is a Battery powered Manual PAT Tester, which  has the option of running off Mains Power to perform a Load and Run Test at 230V and 110V (110V Transformer Required*).

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The Kewtech EZYPAT PLUS is IT safe with a low current earth continuity test and 250V insulation test option. If you are looking for an excellent mid range Manual PAT tester in Low Risk Environments, but want the option to perform a Powered Run Test, then the Kewtech EZYPAT Plus is a viable option.
  • Easy to use Battery and Mains powered PAT Tester.
  • Ability to perform 230v and 110v* Run Test.
  • Test Results are displayed on-screen.
  • IT Safe with 200mA Earth Test 250V Insulation option.
  • Automatic Test Sequences for CLASS I, CLASS 2 and IEC.
  • 5 Second Continuity option.
  • Quick Check Continuity.
  • Substitute Leakage Test with selectable Limits.
  • Test Lead Nulling support.
  • Large easy to read display with Back Light option which changes colour depending on PASS (Green) / FAIL (Red) Test Result.
  • Use with the FREE KEWPAT App for iOS and Android - Fully featured PAT Testing App that allows you to manually record Customer details and Appliance information together with PAT Test Results, quickly and easily using your iOS or Android Device.


The Kewtech EZYPAT PLUS is an easy to use PAT Tester with Automatic Test Sequences.  It is IT Safe, as are all new Kewtech Testers with the ability to perform a 200mA Earth Test, as well as a 250V Insulation Test Option, which is ideal for Surge Protected equipment.

The front panel is easy to understand with buttons for CLASS I, CLASS II and EXT (Lead) Test Sequences, with long press options to access additional features.

A welcome inclusion of the ability to NULL your Test Leads is also included and often overlooked with a tester in this price range.

The Kewtech EZYPAT PLUS is battery operated via 6 x AA cells which can easily be swapped out using the quick release compartment on the rear of the unit.  Powered Tests are performed by running the tester from Mains Power using the supplied Power Lead.

The Tester does not have a built in charger which gives you the option of using both Rechargeable and Non-Rechargeable Batteries.

The inclusion of a large back lit screen with clearly defined Test Results should mean that you will have no problem recording test data manually using the Free KEWPAT App which is available for both iOS and Android.

Furthermore, the screen changes colour giving a clear indication of a PASS (Green) or FAIL (Red).

In summary, the Kewtech EZYPAT PLUS offers a great option for those looking for a Mid Range, low cost Non-Downloading Battery and Mains Powered PAT Tester where the requirements are to carry out CLASS I, CLASS II and IEC / Extension Lead Tests on a variety of Portable Appliances found in various Environments, but also need the option to perform a full Run Test.

Used in conjunction with the Free KEWPAT App for iOS and Android takes PAT Testing with the EZYPAT PLUS up another level with regards to recording and logging Appliance Information and Test Results.

The basic Package includes the following:

  • Kewtech EZYPAT PLUS PAT Tester.
  • Mains Lead.
  • Earth Lead with Probe and Croc Clip.
  • Extension Lead Adaptor.
  • Carry Bag with Strap.
  • Quick Start Manual.
  • End of Line Calibration Certificate.
  • 6 AA Batteries

View and Purchase Kewtech EZYPAT Plus PAT test kits