KEWPAT - Free PAT Testing App for your iOS or Android Device

Developed by the team behind SimplyPats, and branded Kewtech, KEWPAT offers a great solution to easily record PAT Test Data when carrying out PAT Testing as a Contractor or In-House.

Designed to ideally be part of a solution which includes the SimplyPats Manual Plus Edition, KEWPAT offers lots of advanced features with regards to entering and storing PAT Test Data, however it goes further by adding support for scanning Barcodes, QR Codes or even NFC Tags if you have the necessary hardware on your iOS or Android Device, so no need to purchase an additional Barcode Scanner. 

If your device sports a Rear Facing Camera, you can also take photos, which may be handy for giving evidence of failed Appliances with damage to the plug or case, or if its being used in the wrong environment.

Printing PAT Test Labels on the go has never been easier, KEWPAT has over ten different PAT Label Templates to choose from with options to include your company logo or Barcode/QR Code which make for easy retesting.

Using a compatible Direct Thermal Bluetooth Printer and high quality Polypropylene Label Stock purchased from us, you will be producing labels that have excellent print quality and durability when compared to standard paper labels using the same technology.

If you purchase a Manual PAT Tester, such as the Kewtech EZYPAT or EZYPAT PLUS and use KEWPAT to record Customer Details, Appliance Information and Test Data, you will be using a solution that comes very close to replicating the functionality normally found on more expensive downloading PAT Testers, especially if you are using SimplyPats to process the data and produce PAT Test Reports.

Purchase a Kewtech SMARTPAT, which has been specifically designed to work with KEWPAT from the ground up, and you have a true Downloading PAT Solution.

All of the PAT Testers mentioned above benefit from using KEWPAT and SimplyPats Manual Plus Edition, especially when you consider that you have access to Barcode Scanning Support out of the box with no additional hardware needed, other than your iOS or Android Mobile Phone or Tablet.

You also get the ability to record and store huge amounts of PAT Testing Data under separate Customers, Sites and Locations which can either be kept on the device for viewing, or imported into SimplyPats Manual Plus Edition for Processing.

If may be worth mentioning that data from any SimplyPats Version 7 software can be uploaded and imported into KEWPAT together with the test data, this will be a handy feature for those customers just picking up KEWPAT for the first time, or existing customers who need to carry out a retest and need the data on their device.

We have a whole YouTube playlist explaining how KEWPAT works, head over and have a look if you are interested.

KEWPAT for Android - Download KEWPAT on Google Play

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