Purchase the latest SimplyPats Manual Plus Edition software at a discounted price if you already own a licence for any existing SimplyPats Manual Edition Software.

Manually recording you’re PAT Test Data and creating Reports has become a much quicker and easier process with KEWPAT for iOS and Android together with SimplyPats Manual Plus Edition software for Windows PC.

Why record your PAT Testing Data on site using pen and paper and then re-enter the same information into SimplyPats Manual Edition on your PC, when you can input the information directly into your smartphone or tablet and then import it directly into SImplyPats.

Upgrade Offer (for existing Manual Edition users)

If you are an existing SimplyPats Manual Edition user, you have the option of purchasing a licence for the SimplyPats Manual Plus Edition software at a discounted price.

For New Customers

If you do not own an existing licence for SimplyPats Manual Edition, you can purchase the SimplyPats Manual Plus Edition at the usual price here  

Once you are up and running, simply import all of your existing SimplyPats Manual Edition Data into the free KEWPAT App for iOS or Android, giving you easy access to all of your PAT Data from your smartphone or tablet.

Editing Appliance information or carrying out a retest couldn’t be easier; if you are PAT Testing as a contractor, simply select the customer from the main screen and enter or scan in the Appliance id of the equipment that needs retesting, edit any of the Appliance information if needed and update the test results prior to saving any changes.  The date and Time of test will also be updated automatically.

If you need to test a new appliance, enter details for the new Appliance together with the test results and it will be saved to the existing Customer Database.

For those carrying out PAT Testing in-house, it’s the same process, however you will probably only have a single customer to choose from, which would be your own company.

Importing the data into the SimplyPats Manual Plus Edition (or Downloading Edition) is a straightforward process using the dedicated import/export options on both applications.

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