Importing PAT Testing Data from KEWPAT into SimplyPats (Focus on iOS Version)

Exported Database files from KEWPAT can be Imported directly into the SimplyPats V7 Manual Plus Edition and SimplyPats V7 Downloading Edition Software for Windows OS, both Versions have a dedicated screen and specific routines to deal with data from KEWPAT.

Export your PAT Test Data from KEWPAT and transfer it to your PC

The method of exporting data outlined below only applies to the iOS Version of KEWPAT and covers transferring data via Email, however transferring the data via iCloud (or other cloud solution provider) will be similar.  While the same and additional options exist on Android, the method is slightly different.

Follow the steps in the image below to create the file you need to Import into SimplyPats.

Export KEWPAT PAT Data (iOS)

As pointed out in the above image, just be mindful of File Size if you use KEWPAT to take pictures.

Email providers generally set a "Max File Size" regarding Attachments, which may be as little as 10Mb.  One or two Photos taken on modern devices can easily surpass 10Mb in native format.

When you make a backup of the database in KEWPAT, it also includes any photos taken while using the App, regardless of the Customer.  You can of course delete individual Customer data and content via the App if needed. 

If you want to take photos when using KEWPAT, we recommend that you use iCloud or similar (Dropbox, Onedrive, Google Drive etc) to transfer data.

If you are not using KEWPAT to take photos, then the transfer of data via Email is quick and convenient.

We are ready to Import your PAT Data into SimplyPats

When you receive the Email with the Data Attached on your PC, save the Attachment to a known location such as a folder on your Desktop.

KEWPAT PAT Data File Attached to Email

In SimplyPats, on the File Menu select Download PAT and make sure you have the "SmartPat" screen selected on the PAT Settings Screen (See image below).

Now select the "Import Kewtech SmartPat File (Android / iOS Import) Option (Open Button)

Import your KEWPAT PAT Testing Data into SimplyPats

Select the KEWPAT Database File that you want to import data from and choose Open.

SimplyPats will read in the file and display a list of any Customers it finds, simply select the Customer and press Convert to import the PAT Test data for that Customer into SimplyPats.

After the import process completes save the data as a new SimplyPats PAT Data File, or use the Import and Update feature to update an existing Data File.

Once in SimplyPats you will have access the a large selection of PAT Reports and Certification options and the ability to edit and mange the data on your PC.

As mentioned above, SimplyPats V7 Manual Plus Edition and SimplyPats V7 Downloading Edition Software both have support for importing native KEWPAT Database Files.

Users of SimplyPats Manual Edition can upgrade to either of the above versions and take advantage of support for importing and processing data from KEWPAT.

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