KEWPAT Update V1.2.0 (16-09-19-A) adds support for iOS 13 (Kewtech SMARTPAT Users will need to install this Update)

We have released an update on the Apple App store adding iOS 13 support to KEWPAT.

The main focus for the update was to add code and procedures needed to comply with guidelines laid out by Apple with regards to Privacy changes in iOS 13 with regards to WiFi connections. 

If you are running iOS 13 on your Apple Device and using KEWPAT to connect to a Kewtech SMARTPAT Test Meter in Remote mode via WiFi, you will now be asked if you want to “Allow KewPat to access your location”

To avoid confusion, the App Store Version is 1.2.0 while the Version in KEWPAT under the About App Screen is V16-09-19-A.

Select the Correct Option

We recommend that you choose the option “Allow While Using App” as you will no longer be asked the same question every time you run the app and try to connect to the Kewtech SMARTPAT.

If you select “Allow Once” you will be asked the same question when you run KEWPAT again and try to connect to the SMARTPAT.

If you select “Don’t Allow” you will NOT be able to connect to the Kewtech SMARTPAT and you will NOT be asked the question again.

If you make a mistake, you can change the setting under the Settings screen on your Device.

Scroll to the bottom of the Settings screen until you see the KewPat entry and select it.

Under the “ALLOW KEWPAT TO ACCESS” option change the “Location” setting to “Allow While Using App”

Does KEWPAT store data relating to my Location?

No it does not, and no Location data is collected or stored by KEWPAT, however recent releases of iOS and Android Operating Systems have seen a tightening up on Privacy and forcing Apps to be more transparent with what data they are collecting, and why they may need access to a particular feature or data.

KEWPAT connects to the SMARTPAT using a WiFi connection in order to control the PAT Tester in Remote Mode, the method of connection is no different to the way you would connect to a home / office router, or WiFi Hot Spot to get access to the internet.

Unlike a Router, the SMARTPAT does not have the ability to connect to the internet, however the mere fact that KEWPAT is requesting a connection to the SMARTPAT using a WiFi connection initiates the Privacy Controls related to Location Services.

To check for updates to KEWPAT on your iOS device, open the App Store and select Updates.

If you are not yet using KEWPAT, its a great solution for Manually Recording Portable Appliance Testing (PAT Testing) Data using your iOS or Android Device.  You can then import the data into the SimplyPats V7 Manual Plus Edition software (for Windows PC) or SimplyPats V7 Downloading Edition which gives you a complete solution for Managing and Editing PAT Test Data, Producing PAT Reports / Certification and Invoicing if needed.

You also gain the ability to upload your PAT Testing Data back to KEWPAT, as both solutions support the import/export of data from each other.

Download KEWPAT for iOS

Also available for Android Devices

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